The following list is the Community/Scientific Advisory Board (C/SAB) which will be updated as new members join.

Board of Directors includes Augustus Nasmith, Jr., Mark Kuebel, Lic. Ac., Nina Reznick, Esq.,
Tyrone Traylor and George M. Carter.

In loving memory of an amazing light in the fight against AIDS and for women everywhere, we honor our dear friend and co-founder, Evan Ruderman, who died at 6:10 AM on Tuesday, November 18, 2003. If there is more after we die, may her spirit find new marvels and joys and know of our deep love for her. And in loving memory of our dear beloved friend, Eric Weissman, who helped FIAR to get its fiscal start--and gave it his greaet heart.

Please also see our Memorial page.

* for identification purposes only

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