FIAR is a not-for-profit organization that addresses issues relevant to both the prevention and treatment of HIV and chronic hepatitis, as the need for prevention and treatment are inextricably bound. FIAR supports prevention efforts in resource poor settings. FIAR has evaluated and promotes the evaluation of "dietary supplements" and other traditional medicines many people living with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C are using to help delay disease progression, offset antiretroviral and treatment side effects in order to evaluate their benefits, risks, limitations and costs to enable better-informed treatment decisions. FIAR works to assure the protection of human rights for LGBTQ+ individuals.

To accomplish these goals, FIAR

  • identifies promising, non-patentable interventions (dietary supplements) for which preliminary evidence exists to support their use for a particular indication;
  • designs and coordinates clinical studies to evaluate their use in delaying HIV disease, managing antiretroviral side effects and HIV symptoms, or extending the time of a treatment interruption, nationally and internationally;
  • addresses the needs of people with HIV in wealthy and resource-poor areas;
  • evaluates products and obtain independent laboratory analysis of supplements/interventions to be evaluated in a clinical study;
  • disseminates information and clinical findings in peer-reviewed journals, newsletters and on the FIAR website;
  • develops pilot projects for HIV prevention and/or treatment projects in resource poor nations;
  • works with marginalized and persecuted communities facing stigma and discrimination based on sexual orientation;
  • assures access to evidence-based information on the prevention and management of chronic infection.

FIAR, as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, does not accept pharmaceutical or nutriceutical industry funding and relies upon your generosity to continue its efforts.

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