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Clinical trials are not merely the "brainchildren" of clinicians and researchers. They are also the bravery and hopes of the people that put their lives on the line to participate. These issues become all the more critical in areas where people have less access to modern care--and thus, too often serve as guinea pigs, sometimes joining studies out of sheer desperation for access to any kind of care. Too often, the needs of the community are ignored. Of course, this is not always the case, and many studies are conducted by good people in collaboration with local communities. Studies that FIAR develops will adopt this model and will be rooted in the needs of the affected community.

In order to address these issues, FIAR has adopted the guidelines for the inclusion, care and treatment of participants as they have been codified in a statement produced by participants in the 2001 Conference on Ethical Aspects in Developing Countries (see Science, 2002 Dec 13;298:2133-2134 or click here). FIAR will adhere to the framework developed at that meeting:

The Fair Benefits Framework

Fair Benefits
Benefits to Participants During the Research

  • Improvements to health and health care
  • Collateral health services unnecessary for research study
Benefits to Population During the Research
  • Collateral health services unnecessary for research study
  • Public health measures
  • Employment and economic activity
Benefits to Population After Research
  • Reasonable availability of effective intervention
  • Research and medical care capacity development
  • Public health measures
  • Long-term research collaboration
  • Sharing of financial rewards from research results

Collaborative Partnership

  • Community involvement at all stages
  • Free, uncoerced decision-making by population bearing the burdens of research.


  • Central publicly accessible repository of benefits agreements
  • Process of community consultations

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