FIAR's existence is dependent on wide-ranging human help. The following individuals have been enormously helpful in FIAR's development.

Bacopa monniera
Tony Arena
Joel Beard
Margot Becker
Fred Bingham
Phyllis Bloom, Lic.Ac.
Gerry Bodeker, EdD
June Carter
Harsh Chopra
Chris Christian
Michael Daube
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jackie Haught, Lic.Ac.
Charles Henry
Debbie Indyk, PhD
Cindy Livingston
Alvin Marty, PhD
Lynne Mayer
Julia McAfee
Janet Mindes, PhD
Sunil Pant
Friends and Family of Evan Ruderman
Henry Sacks, MD, PhD
Kenneth Stailey
Jeffrey Weiss, PhD
Eric Weissman

And of course special thanks to the Bliss team for their incredible benefit on Fire Island, summer 2004: Patty Rosado, DJ Randy Bettis, Sean and Mickey!

Contributions have been made in the memory of Evan Ruderman, Glenn Schoenhals, Charles J. Carter, C. Edwin Carter as well as for the anniversary of Kathy Nokes & Dotty Hickey.

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